The Cissonii cemeterial fence lays along the Flaminia, between Furlo gorge and Fossombrone. It encloses a rectangular area with a stone curb which was the cradle for the fence, formed by ashlar stones supporting large slabs of local stone. The entrance was placed on the south side, a short distance from the south-west corner, where the threshold with a single hole hinge is preserved.

The monumental part of the burial area consists of two marble altars placed on a pedestal with steps, respectively dedicated to C.Cisso Festus and to the spouses C. Cisso Zosimus and Cissonia Festa, whose tombs (one for cremation and two for inhumation) occupied much of the space of the enclosure.

Funerary objects consist in lamps, various ceramics, glass jars and even, in the women's grave, a gold necklace. The documentation found enables us to date the monumental burial area in the second century a.D.



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