The High Bridge, from the Renaissance but with parts dating back to Roman times, was shot down in 1944 by the German army and rebuilt after the war.

MONTECCHINI wrote in 1879: "The High Bridge is used to cross the Burano from the left to the right side. It is so called to be very high on the river bed, from where the uncomfortable ramps to access to its top comes out. It's a one semi-circular arch m 18,00 long, built in two relatively recent times, as shown by its lower surface where you see that was first construct with a length of m 4.10 and later stretched to m 1.40: but the shoulders of the bridge and the sides are ancient and contemporary to the two Big Bridges mentioned above (1). In fact I am sure that the shape was identical to those, that is, with two arches; afterward, when the bridge was broken or by the impetus of the stream, or by the warlike hordes that infested these places for centuries, the current arch was built, completely demolishing the central stack."





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