Forum Sempronii - THE GREAT BATHS - Fossombrone

The Great Baths of Forum Sempronii were identified in 1996 at the intersection between the decumanus minor and the cardo, now called "via del Forno". They found a large calidarium with remains of suspensurae, terracotta pillars used to keep the floor of the heated rooms raised and thus allowing to hot air to circulate in the space below. The calidarium is surrounded by a perimeter service corridor, where the ovens and the storage depots for timber were located.

Next to the heated spaces, they found a public latrine that used the same sewer system of the baths, but whose access was directly from the porch that flanked the decumanus. It is a rectangular room with three sides fitted with seats (about 10) and a central space probably destined to house a statue and the fountain with clean water.


Oscar Mei



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