Forum Sempronii - DECUMANO MINORE - Fossombrone

The decumanus minor, 19 feet (5.70 m) large, was paved with large slabs of stone from Furlo like all the roads of Forum Sempronii. It is bordered on the south by a stone curb (crepido) and on the north by a covering, in square stones, of a drainage channel. The road is flanked on the north side by a covered porch around 3m large and on the south by relevant structures, probably shops. The tracks left on the pavement by the repeated passage of the wheels of the chariots are numerous.

Immediately to the south of the Great Baths, along the decumanus minor, near the junction, eight bases in Furlo stone were unhearthed, with a central nucleus in terracotta, cement mortar and a pile for the housing of the dedicatory inscription. Numerous fragments of gilded bronze, the fingers of the hands, feet, hair, decorative elements of armour and horse trappings, relevant to statues of considerable size, came to light wedged between the paving stones of the road. Located at key points of Forum Sempronii, these statues depicted high-ranking personalities, deserving the respect of the citizenship.


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