The set-up of Fano museum is the starting point of the whole project. Inside the church of San Michele there are areas for use and documentation of the entire consular road, with detail studies about the Marche route and the roman city of Fano, using advanced technologies for communication and monitoring. The visitor can navigate the contents of the portal through a touch totem. The left area is dedicated to an overview of the archaeological remains of Via Flaminia. At the center of the room, a first station with touch screen is dedicated to temporary in-depth studies, and the first is Fossombrone archaeological site. The second one, made up of a touch table synchronised with a HD screen, allows the interactive navigation of multimedia contents (video, audio, photo, virtual tour, laser scanning). On the right, architectural projections and augmented reality provide immersive unique experience through tablets and cardboard. On the bottom, three screens allow the exploration of Fanum Fortunae, with 3D virtual reconstruction of the theatre and Augustus Arch. The inflow at the museum and the effectiveness of interactive systems can be monitored through the "Museum Visitors Behavior Analysis" system.


Opening timetable:

from 8th December 2016 to 8th January 2017

from Monday to Friday 4-7 pm
Saturday, Sunday and holiday 10-12 am and 4-7 pm
closed on 25th December and the 1st January


from 13th January to 31st May 2017
Friday 4-7 pm
Saturday, Sunday and holiday 10-12 am and 4-7 pm


from 1st June to 30th September 2017
Friday 6-10 pm
Saturday, Sunday and holiday 10-12 am and 6-10 pm


Reservations for schools and groups:
Sistema Museo – Call Center 800 961 993



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