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The Museum of the Territory “Lorenzo Mannozzi-Torini” offers exploratory experiences of the environment, landscape and culture of the Riserva Statale Naturale Gola del Furlo. It is located inside the Visitor Center of the Reserve, where tourists can get informative material, guide books and books such as trail maps. The entry is free.



The museum’s itinerary

Room 1 –Scale model of the Reserve

The museum’s  itinerary by themes starts with a large scale model (1:5000) which shows the entire protected area in detail, giving the visitors an idea of both the geomorphological and the botanical characteristics of the area, together with the hamlets and places of architectural interest.


Room 2 –Furlo Rocks

Following on from the scale model is the room that houses the Furlo rocks and its geological and paleontological history. In particular it shows the stratigraphical succession of both the Furlo mountains. On display are samples of rocks and ammonites that tell a story dating back 200 million years ago.       


Room 3 – Furlo Fossils

Leading on from the Furlo Rock room is the fossil section of the museum, where an  impressive collection of ammonites can be admired, which have been found on the Furlo Mountains. These are all classified and organized following systematic and chronological parameters.


Room 4 –Furlo Animal Life

Following on from the fossil room is the part of the museum dedicated to animal life. This part of the museum is home to many bird and mammal species that live in the territory. Some of them are in a display that reproduces the natural habitat of the Reserve.  Amongst the displayed animals, to  be noted are the golden eagle, the eagle owl, various samples of birds of prey, both diurnal and nocturnal carnivorous mammals and the Apennine wolves,  the latter exhibited in a tall vertical frame.

Also to  be noted regarding the animals exhibited in the Museum is the fact that none of the embalmed animals have been killed for display in this museum. All the animals have died by natural causes and have been donated to the museum by wildlife protection organizations or personal donations.     


Room 5 – Multimedia Room

There are six interactive multimedia computers which give information about the Reserve and provide virtual experiences of it.  


Room 6 –Furlo quarries and quarrymen

The last exhibition room on the first floor is home to a scale model that depicts the quarrymen and stone cutters who worked in the large quarry on Mount Pietralata. The model shows exactly how it was in the 1930’s. In this part of the museum the  original work tools used by quarrymen and stone cutters are also displayed.



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