Augmented reality of Forum Sempronii - Fossombrone

With an augmented reality application the user can experience an innovative visit of all the areas with  excavations that have occurred over the last 50 years within the archaeological site of Forum Sempronii. The tourist route, divided into 7 points of interest, will be designed to allow the tourist to fully immerse himself in the ancient Roman city, interacting with historical evidences and remembering the atmosphere of that time thanks to augmented reality applications, accessible from the smartphone by downloading the app. Each point of interest will be identified by a totem that will guide the visitor within the town and it will have a brief historical description of the object. The implemented contents will concern three-dimensional reconstructions of parts of the city, scenes of everyday life and reintegration of the artifacts, that are now located at the Archaeological Museum in Fossombrone, in the original places.



To arrive

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