Forum Sempronii - BOTTEGHE - Fossombrone

Remains of a porch adjacent to the street with a number of shops inside, came to light along the decumanus minor. They were leaning against the main structure of the insula: the Great Baths. During the excavation of the area, 44 late-ancient tombs laying on the ruins of the Roman age structures, were found.

On the back of the largest shop there are three passages entering three separate rooms: a central corridor which gives access to the house and two warehouses connected to the same corridor.

Towards the North, the corridor leads to an open large room, paved in local limestone slabs; a 52 cm in diameter circular hole at the centre of the room gave access to a well. A well preserved statue in white marble, was found along the North wall. It is devoid of feet, head and right arm, and represents a male character wrapped in a himation and holding a small volumen.

To the east and west of the corridor, there are two symmetrical rooms, with access only from the courtyard and well-preserved mosaics: the west has a central emblem with a dogs couple, the eastern one has geometric decorations.



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