In the old town of Cagli, the Flaminia crossed the Burano River with the Taverna Bridge, which now presents only remains of pylons with medieval structures on oldest masonry. The bridge collapsed in October 1976 as a result of a powerful overflow. Likely, at the Taverna Bridge, should has been the mutatio ad Calem, the statio on which it would be built, in a later age, a recently restored villa now subject to the constraints of the Superintendence.

MONTECCHINI, in 1879, wrote: "This bridge is of ancient origin, as seen from the shoulders and from the stacks that are still those of the original building, and that I consider Etruscan, to defer it from the Roman Empire age one. It has two arches, one underground m 4.80 wide, the other m 16,20 wide: the stack between the two arches is m 9.00 long. Over the left shoulder of the large archway there is a rostrum built with large stone slabs admirably processed and laid without mortar, as the other shoulders and the aforementioned stack. This "water-breaker", the modern construction of the arches, and other circumstances, make me believe that this bridge was originally with three arches, subsequently destroyed from the river or from men, and was rebuilt in its actual shape.

Today's bridge, due to its poorly-constructed arches, is in a bad state of conservation and awkward, not because of the strong climb to reach its summit, but for the too narrow section that just gets to m 3,85. Immediately beyond this bridge, on the left bank of the stream, there is a house and a tanning of skins: close to a public road, it is certainly not beautiful nor pleasant. In ancient times, however, there was an inn that gave name to the bridge. it is, in fact, known that there were several of these Tabernae on public roads where, as in Popinae, the traveller could have found food and... something else. There were also, though rarer, the Cauponae, where the traveller could have found accommodation; between Pesaro and Urbino, still exists a tavern that, with the mystified term Cappone, preserves the name and ancient use."




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